Q?What is the typical overhang on countertops?

The typical overhang on all exposed edges of countertops is 1″. if you would like an additional overhang on a countertop, island, or raised bar, you must be present when the field measurements are taken by us. This information along with other specifications must be given to the measurer at the time of the measurement.

Q?If I have an over hang of more than 6″ on a countertop or raised bar, do I need any supports?

Yes, any stone that has an overhang of at least 6″ on a countertop or raised bar needs to be supported by brackets. We will advise you of how many you will need and what size they need to be. These brackets must be on the job site at the time of the install.

Q?Why do you make a template of the countertops, and how long will it usually take?

We template to ensure precision work. A template job takes 2 to 3 hours on average.

Q?What is the procedure for using an undermount sink? A drop-in sink?

If you plan to use an undermount sink, it must be delivered to our shop AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior to your installation date. The stone sink rim is cut, shaped, and polished at our shop. Any faucet holes that need to be drilled are done on the job site on the day of the installation. All faucets or fixtures must be at the job site when we install.
When using a drop-in sink, we require the sink to be on the job site the day that we install. Drop-in sink cutouts must be done once the stone is in place on the countertops.

Q?What is the procedure for slide-in stoves, drop-in cooktops, and downdraft vents?

All slide-in stoves, drop-in cooktops, and downdraft vents will need to be on the job site the day that we install so that the cutouts can be made and the appliances checked for proper fit.

Q?How do I schedule my job and receive an installation date?

When we receive a signed contract and a deposit, an installation date will be assigned. At that time, the stone will be reserved and/or ordered.

Q?Once I place my order, how long do I have to wait until my countertops can be installed?

While every job is different, the average waiting period is 2-4 weeks. This time is necessary for acquiring material (if necessary), measuring, templating, fabrication and installation.


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