Neolith is an eco-friendly, innovative surface material developed in 2009 with wide application possibilities for interiors, exteriors, and furnishings. Comprised of natural materials like clays, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxides, Neolith comes in natural colors like beiges, coppers, and grays as well as more bold colors, like blues and greens.

This lightweight, functional product is waterproof, heat and scratch resistant, and easy to clean, even with harsh cleaning agents such as bleach or ammonia. Easy to cut, fix, and finish, Neolith is valued by designers and installers. Because of its remarkable size and cost effectiveness, Neolith is also a preferred material for large construction projects.

Visit the Neolith website,, to view a gallery of images and videos or to learn more about Neolith applications, colors, specifications, and more.