Selecting Stone For Exterior Countertops

Natural stone is an excellent choice for an outdoor kitchen or other exterior living spaces. Here’s what you need to know before you select your natural stone countertop material.

Marble or Limestone

Soft, porous stones like marble or limestone are more prone to chipping and scratching and may not be the ideal choice for countertops exposed to the elements.


Soapstone is not porous and scratches can be easily repaired by the homeowner, making it an excellent selection for outdoor kitchen countertops. Unfortunately, soapstone has a limited color pallet, so if you are into flashy, exotic-looking slabs, this might not be the right stone for you. Soapstone must be waxed or oiled, often at first, but with increasingly less frequency as time goes on.


For stone that holds up excellently to wind and rain, and if sealed properly, will not stain, look no further than granite. With virtually unlimited color and texture options, granite is sure to please even those with the most particular design tastes. Plus, with a long-term sealer and stain barrier, it is very low-maintenance. Be sure to select a lighter to mid-range color to avoid heat absorption and accidental burns.

Often, granite has resins injected into it to make it stronger. These resins are UV sensitive and can result in faded or discolored areas on the portion of the granite that is exposed to direct sunlight. If your granite is in direct sunlight, keep it covered when you are not using it.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about selecting stone for your outdoor countertops.

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