Innovations Aside, What to Expect from your Fabricator

New equipment, products and procedures are always being introduced for and by fabricators to assure quality craftsmanship is paramount with your investment.

Innovations in installing undermount sinks with bracket systems and advanced hand-held polishing tools are all designed to make sure your project progresses smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

While it is important to choose a fabricator who is using the best equipment possible for your specific job, the process of working with a fabricator has not changed much over the years.

Here is what to expect:

  • On your initial visit to the showroom, you will be choosing the stone you wish to have fabricated. This is usually the hardest part of the process since there are so many beautiful choices from which to choose.
  • Choose your edge profile. From beveled and bullnose to mitered and waterfall, there is a wealth of options.
  • Decide what sink you will be installing. Undermounts are most popular, although integrated sinks made from the same material as your stone are very hot right now. You will also need to know what your faucet openings will need to be. It’s best to bring the newly purchased faucet with you.
  • If the fabricator has a stone yard, you can pick your slab at the same location. Otherwise, you will need to visit a stone supplier with the information gathered from your fabricator.
  • The fabricator will come to your home to create a template of your new countertop. This is a crucial step; you need to be present, ask questions and make decisions on things like overhangs and seams.
  • Your final visit to the fabricator allows you to choose which part of your slab will work best with your custom template. You may see a section of the stone slab that will look better than another area once the template is in place.
  • The last step is installation. Remember to ask for care and cleaning instructions before the installers leave your home.