Polished or Honed?

There are different types of finishes, but high-gloss is trending

So you’ve finally decided on what kind of stone you’d like in your home or office. But whether it’s for your floors, countertops or vanities, choosing the right finish is important. After all, it’s the final touch for your new home décor.

Most finishes are either honed or polished. Honed finishes have a matte or a low sheen. Polished finishes have a medium sheen or glossy appearance. Although honed finishes have increased in popularity for some time, a high-gloss finish seems to be all the rage today. A polished finish gives a rich, elegant feel to the latest designs that now blend modern with traditional. But before you make a hasty decision, consider the differences between the two finishes.

Polished Surface Finish

A polished finish is reflective and enhances the character and colors of the stone. It’s easier to clean because a polished surface seals in more of the stone’s pores and helps repel moisture. Keep in mind though that most natural stone, whether it is polished or honed, should be professionally sealed to help minimize staining, scratches and other damage.

Honed Surface Finish

A honed finish has a natural, satiny feel with little or no reflective qualities. Scratches and other flaws don’t stand out the way they do with high-polished surfaces. Honed finishes are often used on floors, stairs and other foot traffic areas because polished finishes might make these surfaces slippery when wet.

Whatever your decision, the good news is that if you change your mind years from now, it’s easy to change the finish. Just look for a reputable stone restoration specialist. For more information about finishes, feel free to contact us.