The Seamless Look of Integrated Sinks

People are enamored by the look of seamless designs. For instance, the never-ending illusion of an infinity pool can be mesmerizing. Perhaps that’s why fully integrated sinks that seamlessly meld with countertops are becoming so popular.

These sinks are made from the same product as its adjoining countertop, creating a streamlined flow that falls in line perfectly with the minimalistic design trend homeowners now desire for their kitchens and bathrooms.

While Corian and Silestone are popular choices for this crisp and clean effect, integrated sinks made with stone like marble, granite and soapstone offer the beauty, versatility and natural choice many designers and homeowners desire.

Integrated sinks work well with contemporary designs, as well as for homeowners who prefer a more traditional approach. Everyone agrees that it’s so easy to clean because there’s no place for mold or bacteria to hide.

To create the integration and seamless effect, mitered edges are essential, which not surprisingly, have become a popular, trendy edge. Joe Human, owner of Manhattan-based Human Designs, agrees that the key to these dramatic looking sinks and countertop integrations are mitered edges. “It really creates a clean look overall and makes the stone appear to be more uniform and look like a solid block,” he says.

If you are considering an integrated sink with natural stone, it would be wise to test a sample of the stone you want for durability, staining and scratching. Also keep in mind that soapstone, with age, will naturally develop a patina, usually darkening its color. Ask your fabricator which stone may work best for you.

Although it may be more expensive to install an integrated sink, the end results are indeed stunning—if not a bit hypnotic. Like an infinity pool, you’ll find it hard to look away.