White Marble the Center of Cooler Tone Design

Look out granite, white marble is trending. Over the past couple of years, consumers have been choosing marble as the go-to natural stone, not only for floors and walls, but also for countertops, even with the knowledge that calcium carbonate-based marble is susceptible to etching and scratching. The trend is being driven by the desire for cool neutrals that are dominating today’s designs.

Fabricators and designers say it appears consumers are seeking a crisp and clean look that only white marble can offer.

“Consumers are gravitating toward white marble because of its statement and beauty, as well as the neutral color and upscale finish that will appeal to buyers in the future,” says Jenna Pizzigati-Coppola, Pizzigati Designs, New York City.

She says variations in color and textures of white marble also allow for some versatility.

Italy’s Calacatta and Carrara continue to be two of the most popular white marbles. Although they are similar in appearance, Calacatta, with its pure white coloring and free-flowing veins, is probably the most desirable marble on the market. It is much rarer than Carrara, which has more of an off-white appearance and linear veining characteristics. Bianco Dolomiti, with horizontal light gray veining, is also trendy.

Another rare, high-end white marble gaining favor is the gorgeous pure whites of Thassos marble from Greece. The Thassos Snow White Marble is known for being the whitest marble on earth and contains neither veins nor shadows.

For those seeking an option besides marble, white quartzite is discovering a larger following to create a lighter, cooler look.  Beyond natural stone, white quartz, porcelain and IceStone are getting a lot of attention in the market.

Today, it appears that it is all about less primary colors and more about light and white. And white marble is the perfect centerpiece.